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On the right riverside Uksunjoki, in the picturesque and quiet place on the fringe of Uuksu-town (Pitkäranta district), which some time ago was the Finnish settlement, is located the tourist camp “Tri Stihii – Uuksu”. Geographically it’s possible to use this town as a junction between different touring paths across the surrounding area of North Ladoga, and the lines across the river Uksunjoki are quite famous and well-known.

The Uksunjoki river for quite a long time has been the classical, cultic river for water tourists. It originates 50 km further north than Rajkonkoski town and flows Karelian districts with low density – Pitkäranta’s and Suojarva’s ones and then empties into the Ladoga Lake. These are interesting little waterfalls (so called ‘paduns’ – it means that something is falling down somewhere) that make this river seductive for tourists, and they are located mostly in the last 40 km of the river. The rifts are not very difficult, but they are interesting in terms of kayaking and floating by twin-hull boats. Usually the main stream falls into a deep ‘bowl’ that helps to provide a reliable safety. Between these ‘paduns’ the river flows slowly through the picturesque pine-wood.

North Ladoga is a natural-historic region which is located between the shore of the Ladoga Lake in the south, administrative border of the Leningrad region and the Republic of Karelia in the west and the Russian-Finnish border in the north. In the south, there is a long-distance shore of one of the largest sweet-water lake in the world – the Ladoga one which is deeply intended with numerous bays, inlets and islands. These are, so called, the Ladoga skerries which are unique and renowned for its landscapes, vegetation and animal world. Small but sudden change of altitudes forms many waterfalls on the rivers and lakes of North Ladoga.